Specialized Engineering

Geosynthetics are synthetic products used to enhance soil/terrain conditions and address civilengineering problems. Global Industrial Services are innovative with advanced engineering ideas to provide best possible value engineered solutions.



A planar, permeable, polymeric (synthetic or natural) textile material, which may be nonwoven or woven.Geotextile are used in contact with soil/ rock and/or any other geotechnical material in civil engineering applications.


GEOGRIDS are flexible geosynthetic mesh and they’re used for slope stabilization, basal reinforcement in roads, reinforcing earth retaining walls.


HDPE Geomembrane

HDPE Geomembraneare High Density Polyethylene membranes having very low permeability and are widely used in containment of liquids. They possess excellent chemical resistance and endurance properties.

Applications:Ponds, Landfills, Well Pads, Waterproofing.Aquaculturing.

Geosynthetic Clay Liner (Bentonite)

Commonly known as GCL comprises of woven & nonwoven geotextiles needlepunched together and sandwiching a layer of sodium bentonite between them. They have very low permeability.

Their ability to self-heal punctures, seal around penetrations and self-seam at overlaps make them unique. GCLs advantage over compacted clay is better hydraulic performance, installed under wider temperature spectrum. GCL functions as a containment and a hydraulic barrier to water, leachate or other liquids
Applications :Landfill liners, Mining applications, Coal Ash Disposal Facilities.


Geocomposite materials

Geocomposite materials are a combination of best features of different materials in such a way that complex applications are addressed in an optimal manner at minimum cost.

  • Geodrain is a cost-effective alternative for conventional drainage solutions.
  • Geocells performs well as a slope stabilization solution.
  • Erosamat for immediate surface protection against erosion

Mesh Track®

Mesh Track® is a high performing flexible woven steel netting for surface rehabilitation and road base reinforcement.
Proven long-lasting technologies that lower the time needed for execution and therefore reduce disruption to traffic.


MSE Wall

MSE Wall or Mechanically Stabilized Earth Wall is a geocomposite mass consisting of soil and horizontal layers of geogrids or
geostrips running through the soil layers and fixed at their ends. The wall face is often of precast panels or modular blocks.
Global Industrial Services is a leading Retaining Wall System provider for large scale commercial, roadway and residential projects.